Looking for plastic-free cleaning products and household items? Check out the TalkPlastic directory of plastic-free alternatives.

If you want even more inspiration, take a look at our ‘Plastic-free Cleaning’ Pinterest board here.


When you think about it, why do we need trash bags at all?

  • Don’t bother using a bin liner, just empty your home bin straight into the street bin for collection day. Line your existing bin with newspaper instead of a plastic bag to soak up any fluids. This method works perfectly well with small bins; larger bins might need emptying more often to avoid a build-up of smell. Once you go plastic free you’ll notice you have far less trash anyway.


  • Head to your local bulk-buy store for cleaning products such as laundry liquid, shampoo etc). You can bring in your own containers and refill/restock.
  • Make your own homemade cleaning products by trying out some recipes online. One suggestion for natural homemade cleaning recipes is here. Often the ingredients can be bought in non-plastic packaging. Many recipes use completely natural ingredients, freeing your home of nasty chemicals.


  • There are plenty of wooden clothes pegs available which don’t snap off as easily as plastic after sun damage. Our favourites are GoBamboo’s bamboo clothes pegs.


  • Aware Environmental Products produces a range of laundry powders that come in a cardboard box without a plastic scoop. We use Orange Power here at TalkPlastic and love it! Recommended by Planet Ark Sustainable Foundation. Try AWARE SENSITIVE Laundry Powder, AWARE ECO CHOICE Laundry Powder, or ORANGE POWER 3X Laundry Powder.
    For a full Aware stockist list, click here.

Please help us to build this database by sharing any information on plastic-free products you find! You can email TalkPlastic, fill out our online form, or comment on the TalkPlastic Facebook page.


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