How to TalkPlastic

TalkPlastic is about making small changes that create a bigger impact in society.

The challenge is to refuse any items that contain single-use plastics. Try it for a day, a week, a month, or even a lifetime! It may not be easy at first, but it WILL be interesting.

Whenever you come across a product that is single-use plastic, try to find an alternative. When you are successful, let us know, so we can add it to our database.

Here’s the fun part: we ask that you share your experience with everyone around you. Talk about what it’s like to give up plastic with your colleagues, post photos for friends and the TalkPlastic community on Facebook, Tweet your latest non-plastic find… you’ll discover the topic to be infectious. You’ll have great conversations, interesting debates, a fair few giggles – and you’ll find that the people you talk to will get thinking about the idea, too. That way, we hope to create change.

TalkPlastic is a project based in Melbourne, Australia. The information we compile will focus mainly on our region, in order to be a truly useful resource for our local community. But if you live somewhere else, don’t let that stop you taking part. We’d love everyone to join in!

There are lots of plastic-free initiatives going on around the world, including Plastic Free July set up by our West Coast neighbours here in Australia. How and when you choose to take the challenge is entirely up to you – the more the merrier!

•  Avoid buying or obtaining single-use plastic – any plastic that is designed to be thrown away after use. This includes lightweight plastic bags, plastic bottles, straws and plastic wrappers.

•  When you find a great alternative to single-use plastic, talk about it.

•  If you just can’t avoid an item of single-use plastic, talk about it. We want to hear about the hits and the misses.

•  You can reuse any single-use plastic that you already possess (in fact, go for it – the idea is to keep items out of landfill).



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